42 Years Strong
April 21, 2016

ASNU and FluidDrive partnership

Australia manufacturing got stronger today when ASNU Transmission Products joined with Melbourne based FluidDrive Holdings Pty Ltd to become Australia’s undisputed industry leader in the remanufacturer and production of standard and high performance torque converters. The partnership enables ASNU and FluidDrive to further boost their capacity and present an holistic product offering to the market. Together the businesses continue to provide exceptional levels of service and a standard of local manufacturing that is unmatched in the industry. At a time when so much manufacturing is moving offshore, it is a sign of the strength and maturity of these two businesses that they are able to invest in Australian made products and retain Aussie ingenuity and jobs.  Remember, if you need high quality components made to suit our tough local conditions ASNU and FluidDrive can supply it.

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