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ASNU Transmission Products began in March 1974 operating from the Brisbane suburb of Milton. It is a solid and stable business having only changed hands three times in its 43 year history. In 1994 it moved to a larger factory at East Brisbane and in 2000 took over the neighbouring building effectively doubling its size. In 2016 it moved away from the inner city area of Brisbane to a purpose designed factory at Salisbury.

Over these 43 years, ASNU had established itself as the market leader by building a quality product for the premium end of the market. We refused to be all things to all people and to this day remain a business dedicated to building or re-building torque converters. As a result, by 2003 ASNU dominated the sales of torque converters from Darwin through Queensland and down to Newcastle.

In 2007 Melva Torque Converters was purchased and in 2008 we also acquired the maker of the Red Diamond brand of hi-stalls, QCES.

ASNU acquired AGNEW Converters in 2011 thereby establishing itself in NSW. This was followed by the acquisitions of RPM Engineering and Converter Repair Service in 2012 which gave ASNU a major slice of the Sydney market. These companies were amalgamated into one and continue to trade as the Sydney branch of ASNU.

2017 saw ASNU Transmission Products partner with FluidDrive Holdings Pty Ltd in Melbourne to become the undisputed industry leader with an estimated 1 in 4 torque converters sold each day in Australia being an ASNU product. ASNU has grown to become Australia’s largest and most experienced maker of torque converters with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. Whether you need automotive, high performance, industrial or marine torque converters and parts we can supply it.


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